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Sytze Roos and Silja Eggenschwiler research the mysteries of contemporary weaving; how to design fabrics on a loom to make them lively and innovative in their approach, handle and aesthetic.

Also in mind is the connection between the origins of hand crafted textiles and industrial production and the wish to develop fabrics in a limited edition and high quality of design and material construction.
Every design is uniquely woven in lengths of 5 to 10 meters, before moving on to a new creation. Each fabric is reversible but not completely opposite, because a third warp, that is not always visible, has a life of its own in the construction. This is results in unexpected results which give the designs a distinctive character.
Keskusta is founded in August 2002. Silja Eggenschwiler is textile designer from Switzerland. Sytze Roos is a textile designer from The Netherlands.